How to Furnish a Small Living Room

Although my living room is quite small, has helped me furnish it in a nice way. For starters, my interior designer advised me not to cram too much furniture in my small space. Instead, I was told to select a sofa that is in proportion to the amount of space I have. I was also told to use stools if I required more seating. Apart from being easy to maneuver, stools take up less room compared to bulky armchairs. Also, if I want my living room to be cute and cozy, I should try clustering color-coordinated pieces together. From cushions to pictures, doing that will create an organized look. 

Another thing that is advisable is to use natural light. I do this by using simple window dressings to create a light and airy atmosphere. The eye can be drawn upwards by using full-length curtains, which also create an impression of space. To add a feeling of additional depth, I was told to use subtle stripe designs. Also, the curtains I should use are the ones I can sweep away from my windows to allow more natural light into the room. Alternatively, I was advised to choose roller blinds. 

Small rooms need multifunctional furniture. For instance, my coffee table can double up as my storage bin, which will allow me to instantly remove any clutter. My sofa can have storage space underneath the seat. Another neat trick is to add wall mirrors. I can also use furniture that has reflective surfaces to allow more natural light inside my compact space. An upholstered armchair can be replaced with a small wooden rocking chair with cushions. By paring it back using wood, I can have more room. Using the above tips will give you more room in a small space you will save money by adopting minimalism in your interior design.